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Elmbank Mortgages Ltd


We realise that finding the right mortgage can be confusing.

With our years of experience, we can help you through the process and find the correct mortgage for your budget and situation.

You can visit our offices in Yateley, alternatively, everything can be done over the phone and remotely via email, offering you the flexibility you need.

Elmbank Mortgages Office
Elmbank Mortgages Ltd

What is the best Mortgage for me?

To help you understand mortgages in more detail here is our handy guide to the types of deals available.

• Tracker rate - this is based on the Bank of England rate and is either set at a % below or above this for an initial period. Alternatively, a lifetime tracker which is based in the same way for the term of the mortgage.


• Discounted rate - this is based on the lenders standard variable rate which is set by them, and is a certain % above or below this for an initial period.


• Fixed rate - these can be taken out over 2-10 years at a fixed % for this period of time so you are able to budget and to give peace of mind that you need not worry about interest rate changes.


• Capped rate - these are variable rate mortgages that do not go above a maximum set limit.


• Offset or current account - these allow you to link a current account and/or savings account to your mortgage enabling you to offset any balances within these against your mortgage balance.  They are especially attractive to higher rate taxpayers and you can also have access to your savings if you need them.


• Flexible - these allow you to pay off lump sums, increase your monthly payment and borrow back extra money.

Elmbank Mortgages Ltd

We can assist you with all of the following:

• First time buyers

• Home movers

• Let to buy

• Remortgages

• Shared ownership and Government backed schemes

• New build

• Second homes

• Buy to let *

*The Financial  Conduct Authority does not  regulate most Buy to let Mortgages

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